Here’s the Perfect Laser Treatment for Sun-Damaged Skin

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Now that summer’s ending, you’ve probably noticed various skin problems due to sun damage. You’re not alone though. 

It’s common for people to struggle with sun-damaged skin after lounging in the sun all day without proper sun protection. Left unaddressed, these can result in long-term skin issues and health conditions. 

Fortunately, CLAREBELLA aesthetics offers Fraxel Dual Laser, a perfect laser treatment for sun-damaged skin. 

Let’s take a look. 

Signs of Sun-Damaged Skin

Excessive UV rays and sun exposure can lead to skin damage. Oftentimes, these are manifested through the following conditions: 


This is the most common problem during summer. Aside from redness, you will also experience pain, swelling, and peeling of the skin. 


Also known as an age spot, sunspots develop on the sun-exposed areas of the skin particularly the face, hands, and shoulders. 


Fine lines and wrinkles are also common results of excessive UV radiation from the sun. This results in premature aging due to the accelerated breakdown of collagen and elastin. 

Uneven Skin Tone 

Sun exposure also causes uneven pigmentation. This is called hyperpigmentation wherein some skin areas are darker or redder than others. 


There’s also melasma, the appearance of brown or gray-brown patches on the cheeks, forehead, or upper lip. Without proper protection, sun exposure can exacerbate melasma.

Dry Skin

Lastly, sun damaged skin is usually characterized by dehydrated, dry, and flaky skin. This is because excessive sun can deplete your skin’s natural moisture.

Sun Damage Removal (Laser Treatments)

Since we ran through the list of skin problems caused by sun exposure, you might be wondering what remedies are available for sun-damaged skin. 

One of the most recommended is the Fraxel Dual Laser, an FDA-approved skin resurfacing laser treatment that helps improve sun-damaged skin. It is also considered as a non-ablative skin resurfacing procedure.

In the hands of experienced providers like CLAREBELLA aesthetics, the Fraxel Dual Laser can effectively improve skin tone, texture, acne scars, and wrinkles. 

Most patients in Oklahoma, OK, are treat face, neck, chest and eyes with Fraxel. 

What To Expect During a Fraxel Laser Treatment

Here’s what you can expect when you avail the procedure: 

  1. We will apply a topical anesthetic to help minimize discomfort during treatment. 
  2. Afterwards, we will perform laser passes on the treatment area. 
  3. As the device moves over the treated area, it’s common to feel a tingling sensation. The level of intensity can vary from person to person due to individual sensitivity and tolerance. 

After the treatment, patients should expect around 5-7 days of downtime. This will give your body enough time to recover and rejuvenate.

How Many Fraxel Laser Treatments Are Need?

Fraxel Dual works by penetrating deep into your skin to expedite the body’s collagen remodeling. In other words, it helps stimulate the growth of new and healthy skin cells. 

Because of this, you can already notice big benefits after a single treatment. Fraxel is recommended once a year to maintain results. 

Visit CLAREBELLA aesthetics and experience the perfect laser treatment for sun-damaged skin. Book an appointment today.